Belgian Waffle Maker Vs Regular | What’s The Difference?

If you would ask me the difference between a Belgian waffle maker and a regular waffle maker, I would say it’s the first words of the two phrases. I guess you might want to laugh …

Belgian Waffle Maker Vs Regular

Belgian Waffle Maker Vs Regular

If you would ask me the difference between a Belgian waffle maker and a regular waffle maker, I would say it’s the first words of the two phrases. I guess you might want to laugh it out, hilarious! But the truth is that that’s the truth – it’s unchangeable. Belgian waffle makers are specifically made for making Belgian waffle desserts while, on the other hand, regular waffle makers are used for all sorts.

Wait! You don’t have to leap for joy yet, because we’re not done. See, things have changed now that Belgian waffles are specifically used for a single purpose and the inverse to the latter, you know why? This because many manufacturers are now making sure that their gross sales are not falling. Of course, this means that you can now find Belgian waffle makers that are absolutely a replica of regular waffle maker that you used to know.

Let’s take an example, you see, Belgian waffle makers were known for their distinct square shape structures while the regular waffle makers were known to be in circular structures. But right now, the ball-game has changed, you can find them in both square and circular shapes. However, not in functions and some characteristics have these changes protruded, so you can save your breath as you can still differentiate between the two – BUT! Only with the right information.

First of all, have you ever tasted a Belgian waffle before? Oh, yummy! This can get you salivating even from the way it sounds. It’s fast to make and it’s always crispy on the outer side and fluffy on the inner side. In fact, if you now take it with nice berries and assorted boiled meats, you won’t ever forget to make a recount of the dessert. However, as it is easy to have the right encounter, likewise is it easy to ruin it! Therefore, that’s why you should be discreet about the Belgian waffle maker vs regular waffle maker so as to know the one that’s best for you.

8 Things to Consider about ‘Belgian Waffle Maker Vs Regular’:

1. Unique Design

The Belgian waffles are popularly known for the yeast that they consist. The powder is unique so likewise is the machine. The regular waffle makers, on the other hand, don’t bake leavened flour either is the machine more functional by using it for some specific flours. But rather, they are used for all unleavened flours for making all sorts of waffles and cakes.

Of course, these discrepancies between them caused the difference in the shape and size of both the machine and the output (waffles each of them produces) of the two waffle makers.

The Belgian waffle makers are constructed to be big enough so as to make room for the waffle to spread in the crevice and puff up properly. In fact, the pocket is deep enough that it ranges always from 5/8” to 1”. The regular waffle maker is not as wide as its counterpart though it can be used to bake all kinds of cakes. In fact, the pocket is also not deep also.

2. Energy Setting: Single Vs Multiple Settings

Both waffle makers use the conversion of electrical energy to carry out their operations. The grills convert electrical energy into heat energy in their units. Although this is one of the major similarities between them, yet they are somewhat different on the amount of heat that saturate each of the grills. Research shows that Belgian waffle makers consume more power than the former.

For Belgian waffle makers, there are two types that you may likely find in the market. The first is the one with the thermostat dial while the other is the one with a timer.

Those with thermostat dial have various setting levels while those with timers use a single temperature. And these (single vs multiple) can be found in both waffle makers.

Meanwhile, regular waffle makers use either thermostat dial to control various temperature degrees and they can also have a single temperature. However, the basic difference is that most regular waffle makers don’t come with a timer. But rather, there is always indicators that notify operators if it’s ready or not.

In a nutshell, Belgian waffle makers can possess at least one among the three methods of controlling heat energy in their units– indicators, dial, and timers. But regular waffles makers only control the temperature of the machine either by a dial or indicators.

3. Space Consumption

The Belgian waffle makers are found to be larger than the regular waffle maker in size. Of course, there is now iteration of product qualities in the production of Belgian waffle makers. Modern products are now found to be small in size and easy to store just like regular waffle makers. However, in spite of the industry’s effort to make it easy to store, Belgian waffle makers that can be locked vertically/uprightly are believed to be the easiest ones to store – but remember, it depends on the size of your pantry.

4. Cost

Belgian waffle makers are costlier than the regular waffle makers. However, it still boils down to the quality of the product that you’re launching for. There are products that are made of plastic, and some are made of metals.

Another factor that still determines the prices is the functions. The functions that a product has showcases its value in the marketplace. This is because it provides customers with the sumptuous comfort that they tend to enjoy with the use of the product.

Nevertheless, on an aesthetic balance, considering with respect to the same features and the material that each of them is made up of, then the Belgium waffle maker should be costlier.

5. Performance

Belgian Waffle Maker

  • Plug the power cord into the power outlet that’s the closest and put on the power (if it has any).
  • Set the dial as instructed (if it has one) or go ahead and wait for quite a few minutes until the indicator turns green.
  • Then fill it with syrup or batter that’s mixed with at least an egg.
  • Snap/close the locking lid and flip it to a reverse/opposite direction then flip it back to its initial state.
  • Hold it for a while and then remove it from the grill’s grooves.

Regular Waffle Maker

  • Insert its power cord into the power outlet.
  • Follow the instructions on the manual if it comes with any.
  • Wait for the indicator turns green.
  • Pour in the mixed substance and seal it up.
  • Wait for quite some few minutes until the indicator turns green again (you can choose not to remove it).
  • Then remove it for consumption.

6. Maintenance

These two waffle makers have the same method of maintenance, especially when it comes to the cleaning of the grills. Nevertheless, a buyer can make a plight that’s either the same or different from another buyer even though they use the same type of waffle maker (not the same product), you know why? Because it depends on the kind of non-sticking coating that the manufacturer used in making it.

Those that are coated with ceramic are known to be the easiest to clean. In a nutshell, the best way to use a waffle maker that would not be hogging the crumbs of your waffle is to, first and foremost, check for the material that’s used to coat it the griddles. Notwithstanding, the best way to clean both waffle makers is to use a damp cloth that’s wet with steam to scrub off the crumbs.

7. Potential Users

The manufacturers of both waffle makers target almost the same set of customers in the marketplace. Although, the difference is that the regular waffle makers are versatile while the use of the Belgian waffle makers is designed to be used specifically.

Nevertheless, the size of the waffles that each of them produces is a major concern. Families depend on Belgian waffle makers because of the big and thick size waffle shape that it produces while bachelors and spinsters prefer to settle down either for the two – based on their personal preference.

8. Reliability

Every product has a limit to what it can do. If it’s over-used then the owner may not possibly enjoy the vital and durable use of the product. “Over-used” in the sense of adhering to the usage description of the product. A good example is that most of this waffle makers don’t support a step-down transformer or an AC that’s above the range of 110-129V voltage.

So, denying this fact can cause the machines damages. Of course, this is applicable to both waffle makers.

The manufacturer of a product determines the way it should be used. So, therefore don’t erratically believe that a kind of waffle maker can be used for kinds all power outlets. But when it comes to versatility, Belgian waffle makers take the lead.

This is because they produce more energy than regular waffle makers and they have a whole lot of spaces. This makes it great to replace regular waffle makers as owners can take advantage of these features to make the recipe that they want.

Final Verdict

This review distinguishes between Belgian waffle maker and regular waffle maker. It explicitly explained their strength and weakness. It provided the right concept to buyers so that they would know the best waffle maker that’s suitable for their needs.

It laid a plain argument on their features and provided the similarities and their differences. However, this article is highly recommended for both buyers and users. The information provided is highly reliable.

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