All-Clad Vs Breville Waffle Maker: What’s The Difference?

Do you need a waffle maker that’s great for making Belgian waffles and baking? If yes, then the piece of information that you can trust is constituted in this article. This article provides you with …

All-Clad Vs Breville Waffle Maker

Do you need a waffle maker that’s great for making Belgian waffles and baking? If yes, then the piece of information that you can trust is constituted in this article. This article provides you with substantial cues on these products.

Of course, these two waffle makers – All-Clad and Breville – are very unique in terms of their designs and performance. In fact, their versatility is unfathomable as they are highly preferred over others in the making of Belgian waffles, and baking of flours.

As a first time buyer, you’d, of course, need a product that’s ease of use, full of reliable performance, highly referred, and probably cheap, right? Definitely! These are the qualities that these products are made of. They have timers, several plates with a deep pocket, a detachable tray that serves as a moat, and a power cord housing.

That’s not all, they are both found to come in two different categories. The categories that each product is found is in 2-square and 4-square. This illustrates that their plates are either two or four (in a square shape).

Looking at them from one side of view, you’d want to conclude that both waffle makers are the same in all ramification. But hey! They have their peculiarities. The amazing thing about them is that the limitation of one concerning one section of performance is the dynamism of the other.

And guess what? They have almost the same features but different qualities in output/delivery. Let’s consider this as an example. It’s of a truth that the pockets for each of their plates are 1 inch deep. This feature seems to be a charmer for a customer who doesn’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, isn’t it?

Then now make your choice: All-Clad Belgian waffle maker makes a gourmet of 4.5 inches wide and 1” thick while the Breville Belgian waffle maker makes a gourmet that’s 4 inches wide and 1” thick. Now you understand better that although they seem the same, yet there are quite a little differences between them.

Comparison Chart:

Feature All-Clad Waffle Maker Breville Waffle Maker
Waffle Shape & Size Round, classic waffles Square, classic or Belgian waffles
Cooking Plates Non-stick, easy-release Non-stick, easy-release
Temperature Control 7 browning settings 12 browning settings, waffle type selector
Cooking Time Fast cooking (3-4 minutes) Fast cooking (3-4 minutes)
Indicator Features LED indicator, audible alert LED indicator, audible alert
Number of Waffles Cooked at Once 1 large round waffle 2 square waffles
Construction Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Automatic Features Steam-release system for crispiness Waffle IQ technology for even cooking
Overflow Channel Yes Yes
Locking Lid Yes Yes
Drip Tray No Yes
Price Range $$$ (Mid to high range) $$$ (Mid to high range)

7 Major Differences Between All-Clad  and Breville Waffle Maker:

1. Customer-Friendly Structure

All-Clad Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is modern in its design. It’s a waffle maker that’s housed in a stainless steel metal material so as to enhance the longevity use of the waffle maker. It can comfortably be positioned on a spot and it won’t slide, due to its non-skid feet.

It’s right at the front that you’ll find the 2 LED light that it uses. In fact, there is a thermostat dial at the center of the 2 LED light. With this particular thermostat dial, you can comfortably set the energy produced to a particular degree. In other words, you can tweak the dial into seven settings so as to determine how you duly want your waffle or cake to look like.

Unlike the Breville waffle maker, this has iron griddles. So, it’s very fast to heat up quickly. The number of plates you find in a product is determined by your choice. 4-square is larger than 2-square, so you can opt for any of them under the manufacturer’s services.

Nevertheless, the dimension of the 4-square of this unit is 17 x 13 x 7.5 inches and weighs 14.75 pounds. It also has a tray underneath it which is very much removable.

Breville Waffle Maker

This is a new technology that puts you and your family on a top scale. Of course, this Belgian waffle maker bakes cakes, make cinnamon, sandwiches and so on with ease. It has a timer that features the LCD light. It also dings when the time set is elapsed.

With this product, you definitely can’t tell can’t the extent to which you can make confectionary dessert and participate in culinary skills, you know why? This is because it comes with 12 temperature settings. And, it uses a knob for the control of the temperature itself.

The pockets, on the other hand, are quite deep that they can be used for confectionary baking of flour and so on. In other words, it’s highly functional. It has a tray that traps protruded substances. This has a square shape with a dimension of 15.8 x 8.8 x 18.5 inches and weighs 16 pounds.

2. All-Clad:


  • It has a wide tray that traps over-flowing fluid.
  • This is a waffle Iron waffle maker.
  • It consumes 800W and it’s only used for 120V AC
  • This waffle maker is so much versatile.
  • It has indicators that notify operators.
  • It’s highly dependable.
  • It has a space underneath it that its cord can be housed.


  • Its whole body gets hot during use.



  • Its LCD timer displays the index of what a user can utilize it for. The operator can even select from the list.
  • It details the operator the best time for the cooking option that’s selected on the LCD screen. It gets ready when the time elapses.
  • It uses griddles that are cast-aluminum.
  • This has 12 temperature settings.
  • It beeps.
  • There is a tray underneath it also.
  • It’s made of stainless steel.


  • It has no LED light (neither green nor red).

3. Storage

The truth of the matter is that both waffle makers are heavy and large. So, if your cabinet/pantry is not large enough then you may not need their “4-square” products. But rather, 2-square is quite great for users that have small pantries for storage.

Nevertheless, if we are to compare and contrast the unique size of the two products, we can vividly say that Breville waffle makers are larger than the All-Clad waffle maker. The manufacturer of the All-Clad waffle maker has augmented the design by adding a lock system to it.

This locking technology makes the All-Clad waffle maker to be stored vertically/uprightly. In other words, we can technically give it up for All-Clad waffle makers base on the fact that they are easy to store.

4. Performance


This has a space underneath it where you can easily reach out for the power cord. Just plunge the pins of the cord into the nearest power outlet. The red LED light glows immediately that’s done, and you’ll have to preset the dial to either setting #4 or #5. Then wait for the red LED light to go off and the green LED light comes on before you fill the pockets with your batter.

Once it’s done, the green LED light glows. Then you can get a spatula or silicone tong to remove the waffle. It’s noteworthy that the manufacturer instructed that the maximum amount to fill a plate is 1/3 c if not, there will be spillage.


The Breville waffle maker is more convenient to make use of. You don’t have to cognitively select a dial, all you have to do is to learn how to use the dial to select what you intend using it for. You’ll observe that once that’s done, it sets the time by itself and display it on the LCD screen as it makes the countdown. It then would make three beep sounds that it’s ready. Then you can dish your meal.

Please note: reduce the settings below setting #5 if you intend to make Belgian that its exterior would be golden-brown crispy and the interior fluffy. However, if you’re baking or the batter is thick, then you can increase it from setting #4 upward.

5. Cost

The cost difference between the two is not wide at all. But to be candid, they are both costly compared to the conventional ones. However, if you really don’t need the pricey ones, then you can decide to opt for either of the two products’ 2-square categories. The 2-square is smaller than the 4-square and it can only be used to make two slices at a time, unlike the 4-square waffle makers.

Nevertheless, the price difference between the two (2-square and 4-square) is not much. Except in the case of saving spaces, buyers do opt for the 4-square waffle makers. Notwithstanding, the product that you can budget with is the All-clad waffle maker.

6. Longevity

Both waffle makers are made of stainless steel which is non-corrosive. The griddles of the grills are coated with non-stick. Of course, the waffle iron (all clad) vs waffle aluminum (Breville) is somewhat to consider.

Ordinarily, the waffle iron has frail capabilities to perfectly prevent the hogging of scrubs compared to the latter. But the type of material used for the coating of the griddles determines the capability of the product to let go of waffles. However, they both seem to have good griddles that are well coated.

7. Cleaning of the Makers

Both waffle makers are very easy to clean. They have the same method of cleaning. The best way to clean the griddles is by wiping off each of the griddles with a damp cloth. It can be that easy, trust me!

Final Verdict

All-Clad Vs Breville Waffle Maker

This is absolutely a review on two distinct, reliable waffle makers. The article distinguished between the two by illustrating their various features, cons and pros. The review zoomed the traces of the thin line that demarcate the two products. It’s a must-read article for both nominal and potential buyers who want the best product to utilize.

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