How to Use a Vonshef Waffle Maker? 6 Steps

You’ve been ordering waffles from restaurants, and you think it’s time to get a good waffle maker so you can make great waffles at home. Great idea! Now, you’ve realized there are so many brands …

You’ve been ordering waffles from restaurants, and you think it’s time to get a good waffle maker so you can make great waffles at home. Great idea! Now, you’ve realized there are so many brands of waffle makers in the market, and it’s difficult to make a choice. Look no further than the Vonshef waffle maker. 

Although the brand offers several models of waffle makers, all the models have some features in common. A Vonshef waffle maker has a heat-resistant handle that will never get hot, even if the device is hot. When you plug it into an outlet, red power light comes on.

Also, when the device is fully preheated and ready to bake the waffles, a green light will glow out. In addition, its rubberized base prevents slipping off your counter. Most importantly, this device will produce crispy and golden-brown waffles within a few minutes. 

How to Use a Vonshef Waffle MakerHow to Use a Vonshef Waffle Maker?

Step 1:

Wipe the upper and lower cooking plates before using the device for the first time.

Step 2:

After that, you can plug it into an outlet and have the red power light come on. The device will begin to preheat immediately.

Step 3:

It takes only a few minutes to preheat. You may want to prepare your batter while the device is preheating. When the device is ready, a green ready light will appear.

Step 4:

Coat the cooking plates with a little oil or butter to prevent your waffle from sticking to the device. 

Step 5:

Gently fill the grid with your batter. The device won’t take more than 100 ml of batter at the same time. You can then spread the batter evenly with a ladle or spatula. Close the waffle maker and press down its handle to fasten it. 

Step 6:

When the waffle is ready, the green ready light will glow out again. You can then check the device. If you’re satisfied with its doneness, you can remove it with a plastic or wooden spatula. If not, leave it to cook for another minute. There’s nothing wrong with making the waffles for the week and keeping the excess in your freezer.

When using an electric appliance, your safety always comes first. That’s why you should bear the following safety precautions in mind.

  • Always keep it out of the reach of your children. It is not safe to be used as a toy.
  • Never immerse the device in water to avoid electric shock.
  • The grid can only take 100 ml of batter. Don’t exceed the quantity to avoid ending up with a messy kitchen.
  • Turn off all the controls before you unplug it, and unplug it before you clean it.
  • Don’t pull its cable to unplug it. You could damage the cable that way. Instead, pull the plug itself.

How Much Batter Do You Put in a Vonshef Waffle Maker?

Single-face models of Vonshef waffle makers can’t take more than 100 ml. However, if your waffle maker has multiple faces, it could take much more batter than 100 ml. Sometimes you may end up with more than 100 ml of batter. If that happens, you’ll have to prepare your waffles in batches. You don’t have to apply oil or butter before every batch of waffles. Rather, you should apply it only before preparing the first batch of waffles. 

How Long Do You Cook a Waffle in a Vonshef Waffle Maker?

Cooking waffles with this device takes about 4 – 6 minutes, depending on the recipe and your preferred level of crispiness and brownness. Two things matter most in getting delicious waffles. The first one is allowing the waffle maker to preheat fully before pouring the batter in. And the second one is giving the device enough time to cook.

How Do You Clean a Vonshef Waffle Maker?

Always remember the two precautionary tips with regard to cleaning. First, never immerse the device in water. And second, always unplug the device and allow it cool before cleaning it. Dip a soft sponge in mild soapy water and use it to scrub off the crumbs left on the cooking plates. Make sure to scrub gently to avoid scratching off the coat of the plates.

After that, use a damp cloth to wipe both the interior and exterior of the waffle maker. Finally, wipe every part with a dry cloth before storing it.

Final Word

Based on the reviews on Amazon, the Vonshef waffle maker is a great waffle maker that produces crispy waffles. However, you can only get crispy and golden-brown waffles when you follow the usage instructions and the chosen recipe strictly. Never be too impatient to pour in the batter when the device has not shown the ready light. It means it has not fully preheated. 

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