20 Best Places for Vegan Chicken and Waffles in Chicago

Chicago is apparently a destination for all fun lovers. Obviously, it’s agreeable that the exploration of foods and culture makes why a while in traveling and visitations. Moreover, what’s the essence of fun without food …

Vegan Chicken and Waffles in Chicago

Chicago is apparently a destination for all fun lovers. Obviously, it’s agreeable that the exploration of foods and culture makes why a while in traveling and visitations. Moreover, what’s the essence of fun without food hot spots? Discover THE BEAN and other unique places here in Chicago with the best views.

Indeed, that’s why you’d need a guide to top places where you can find traditional and urbanized foods with a touch of culture in Chicago. Besides, are you an enthusiast of vegan chicken and waffles? Would you love to take them with smoothies and bowls?

Whatsoever the case may seem, these top places have the fresh celestial suites with cozy tips of nature that will make your entire experience worthwhile.

1. The Chicago Dinner

The Chicago dinner is at Logan square. Visiting there opens your door to fascinating dietary opportunities. All are vegan here. Vegan dinner isn’t worth letting go of – besides, not when you have an array of options alongside it, after all.  

Vegan Poutine served alongside your waffle isn’t a joking experience at all. Start the day with this. Then, proceed with vegan cheese ready to be served alongside Monte Cristo as the sun hays for the day. Is worth the time, and feasting the fingers with meatless hams and eggs is ready to make your dinner worthwhile.


2333 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.

2. Upton’s Breakroom

Welcome to life where the natural meets a tasty lifestyle. Right in at Ukrainian village in West town, this vegan café and doughnut shop is definitely one of the best places to encounter a unique chowing experience. All at affordable prices are available here.

The present cost of food range between $11 and $30. Elicit options like canned soups, prepared meals, fried bacon mac, cheese, nachos, and variable sandwiches are available here. Just decide what you want, and you’d be left elated.

 Seitan specialists they’ve got are a must-ask-for. You need to check this out alongside the waffles and vegan chickens aren’t a matter of ruse but something worth telling.


2054 W Grand Avenue Chicago. IL 60612

3. Soul Veg City

There’s seemingly no brighter way to enjoy a bright dessert than having experienced folk in the game leading your way. Trust this; this is an experienced folk! Here is a vegan restaurant with over 40yr experience in Chicago.

It’s debatable to claim no other knows adding veggies to food than this restaurant. Eat yams, purple cabbage, BBQ, black-eye pea burger, Quesadillas, and sandwiches in a vegan way here. A patio can give a wider view of a cozy environment while eating.

 In addition, their online services are intriguing and something you should try out when you’re in Chicago. Trust me; you want to have an experience in a vegan way right here.


201-209 East 75th st. Chicago, Illinois, 60619.

4. Kitchen 17

Here, there’s a culture. A home for vegan meats, cheeses, loaves of bread, sauces, and desserts in Chicago is Kitchen 17. Others could try, but there’s specialty here.

Kitchen 17 distributes all desserts and pizzas nationwide. Marinara, cheese, meaty, creamy, caramel apple crumb pie, pumpkin-gingersnap, and many more are what Kitchen 17 restaurants prepare alongside vegan waffles with exceptional tastes. Do you know? Elites don’t wink and surf off without checking the address.


2554 W. Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60639.

5. Vegan World Café

Are you a vegan meat lover? Are you seriously starving for a crispy dynasty vegan chicken for thaws? If yes, you’ll make Vegan World Café your new home sooner or later; just give it a try!

This is where everyone is proud to be called omnivores. Their catering services offer vegan waffles. Imagine ingesting the vegan chicken and waffles at the climax, as you should.

With over 20yrs in the business in Chicago, this restaurant renders online services and is astute to calls and orders. Check out avenues to reach them right now and make your demands.


5419 W North Ave, Chicago, IL.

HOTLINE: +1773-729-2188

6. Majani

This is an African-American vegan restaurant in Chicago. Their foods range between African and Southern varieties. Obviously, they are one of the bests at serving plant-based cuisines and vegans in healthy forms with desserts.

Get hearty plates filled with jerk tofu, collard greens, mac and cheese, fried grits that include fresh tomato sauce, black-eyed pea fritters, BBQ sauce, mango habanero sauce, BBQ cauliflower, and many more. Their services are for lunch and dinner enthusiasts.

 The Swahili “Majani” restaurant doesn’t disappoint. Soul vegetarians in Chicago explore cultures at Majani. Visit the restaurant’s website for more updates and see how their services can reach your location.


7167 S Exchange Avenue, Chicago, IL 60649.

website: www.majani.biz

7. Loving Heart Café

Though this café is specialized in making avocado toasts, budha bowls, and imaginary fruity-blends-turned-reality, it’s reveling to acknowledge you can get vegan waffles and chicken right here. Enjoy desserts like Corazon, organic wheat tortillas, cashew cheese, organic spinach and arugula, and hearty bean wraps.

Every vegan used at Loving Heart Café is approved and certified by the US regulatory bodies. Nothing is like eating in clean, cozy, customer-friendly environments, which is the priority this café has always given its customers.

There are professional services, catering, food & drinks, indoors, and lifestyle that this brings to your optimum satisfaction.


838 W Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613.

8. Conscious Plates

Finger-licking spots aren’t so many in Chicago, especially those that can substitute Conscious Plates. Seasonal veggies and desserts are available at Conscious Plates.

The grandeur on the menu includes fried oysters, wings, fajita taco, shroom taco, alkaline strawberry cheesecake, sausage & egg sandwich, mushroom–quinoa, chickpea egg flour waffles, BBQ mushrooms, and so on, aren’t friendly with eye winkers.

As a matter of fact, their parfait isn’t like the conventional ones. You really have to be there to start being conscious about where else to go.


820 E 63rd St. Chicago IL, 60637.

9. Chicago Raw Food Restaurant

Are you searching for the best Thai food delivery services in Chicago? If yes, get the best services at Chicago Raw Food Restaurant. Their menu covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which you’re very well familiar with in every aspect.

Their plant-based foods are critically chosen. Varieties of plant-based options range from drinks to smoothies & bowls. Vegan meals that include waffles and chicken are all served here. Snacks and retails are delectable options that this has got for your interests.


Gold Coast 51 W Huron st. Chicago, IL 60654.

10. Stand-up Burgers

This restaurant is arguably one of the most notable companies in America. The veggie grill cooking spot uses plant-based food to redefine the industry. It has franchises and affiliate restaurants staking its influence around Chicago.

Come get some chili cheese, flip-the-bird salad, falafel burger, BBQ bacon cheeseburger, crispy chicken sandwich, and a decadent menu that would do more than wowing you. The cost of varieties in this prestigious company ranges between $11 and $30 per plate. The price range could make your jaw drop widely.


204 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60606

614 W Diversey PKWY, Chicago, IL 60614

11. Handlebar

Whenever you want to hunt for creamy coleslaw, pillowy pretzel, or green salad like the south at the same time with your waffles incomparably embedded with fried onions; then one place to be is a handlebar restaurant.

This vegan restaurant prepares all vegan desserts and seafood from scratch. They’ve got breakfast, lunch, and dinner food varieties. The patio is opened, online delivery, outdoor services, and the like are what this company has. A-class treatment with fascinating and adorn culinary specialties are visible in a past experience in Handlebar restaurant.


2311 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647

12. Reno Restaurant

Waffles, pizzas, pastries, and many more could be made in ovens, electronic cookers, and the rest. They all spur out different tastes. How about tasting those prepared from a wood fire? The taste is different, and you can attest its natural aroma exudes amazingly.

This flavor-oriented restaurant prioritizes cooking to sate the liveliness in your jaws: a lofty-like patio and cozy brilliance in design shape healthy company from around. Visit where life meets tastes and let the story reigns in the lane of thoughts.


2607 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.

13. Cinnaholic Wicker Park

Here’s the park for cinnamon rolls and waffles. This vegan bakery serves gourmets and 100% based vegan base and diary-free services. Taste their carnival crunch roll fraught with marshmallows and sprinkles. The pumpkin spice roll is magic to the sight.

Pumpkin spices aren’t as good as these. You could tell if you have experience. The cinnamon sugar, cookies, and bread that topple the pumpkin spice wouldn’t make you let go. And when it comes to the bread, it’s an uh to a wow! You’ve got to check the address out now.


1295 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622.

14. Paulie Gee

A spot to have a fulfilling date and smooth late-night parties is Paulie Gee’s place. A friendly service with accommodating life-inspired fun will amaze you here. While you eat your vegan dessert, cocktails and craft beer will be available to give you a fantastic treat.

Logan squares are a meal you don’t want to miss here, especially when it’s in its caramelized form. You can revel in the slices and discount for the hassles. They’ve got vegan varieties, which might suit your preference. Google search for their services by visiting the company’s website if they are close by.


2451 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.

15. Fancy Plants Café

Time hasn’t gone to be at a recognizable place. Visit one of the top places visitors want to be in Chicago. The foods at this spot are mind-captivating. From food baking to preparation of soups, salads, and sandwiches, is enough to have more than enough. Aside from food, it’s a café that also deals with coffees, espresso, rishi tea, and gluten-free pastries. They are open every day, baby!


613 W Briar PL, Chicago, IL 60657

website: www.fancyplantscatering.com

16. Indian Paradise

Come and experience paradise in an Indian way, especially in Indian cuisine’s best form. You don’t have to be an Indian to learn about India’s unique cultures and foods. Antsy becomes the fantasies of the beholder in a one-time experience. 

Segues along the line provide the Indian feelings even in Chicago. Keema samosa, chicken pakora, chicken Manchurian, chicken tikka, and chili waffles with veggies, just in Indian culture, are all available here. Why surf off when all you need to be an Indian vegan is right here?


2257 W North Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647.

17. Sunda Chicago

CHEERS to life! When you come for brunches and dinner in Chicago, you’d say cheers to long life here. Asian foods aren’t comparable to any. Savory foods like lobster khao soi, roasted turkey, chicken, pork belly, abodo, shrimp shanghai, and other cocktail menus could make you dripping for a taste. 

Ever tasted Szechuan chicken with Chinese chilis in a blend of Chicago and Asian way? You really have to be here to transcend to the realm of satisfaction if you’ve ever been far from it in terms of Asian foods. 

Order Rellenong Alimasag that’s sprinkled with crabs alongside your waffles and let’s make everywhere green with the taste. You won’t just believe what you’ve been missing!


110 W Illinois street, Chicago, IL, 60654.

website: www.sundanewasian.com/chicago/

18. True Food Kitchen

True foods know no boundary in the culinary world, so why can’t it make this list? Scanty is the restaurant in Chicago that can boast of massive reviews as this company does. Heaven is made right here in Chicago only if you know the best places and True Food kitchen is one of them. 

Catering services with good slice pizza are realities to encounter here. Services here include all vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free features. The chef-driven services have its priority in your optimum satisfaction. 

Delectable foods here vary, actually. There are seasonal, cultural, and diverse options. Hop in on the company’s website to book a reservation and a place in the kitchen.


1 West Erie Street, Chicago, IL 60654.

website: www.truefoodkitchen.com

19. Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine

Commodious and distinction in cuisine for vegan-friendly folks is Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine. Thai’s popular foods like stirred fried noodles, thai tofu, lettuce salad, mango-sticky rice, and cocktail ices are premium here. Penang curry can’t be more precise than this. 

The vegan burger with seitan soy meat is something out of this world. You only have to come on a visit and explore the fast fascinating, and incredible services as they make home-like Thai cuisine of so much qualities.


1601-1603 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613.

website: www.urbanveganthai.com

20. Art of Dosa

You really don’t have to come for vegan waffles and leave with vegan chicken always. Other WHYs could blend with your tastes. Discover South Indian delicacies at Art of Dosa. An Indian restaurant that Ravi Nagubadi discovered is this one. Malasa dosa will still be the liveliness of your moment with one bite. Healthy vegetables with South India flavors in your waffles and others will be a recurring experience as time passes. You’re not on the miss on this at Art of Dosa.


72 W Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60603.

Vegan Chicken and Waffles in ChicagoFinal Words

We believe in food exploration at its best here. Right in your comfort zone, we aim to provide the best places to buy vegan chicken and waffles. As you’re on the quest for vegan waffles, think and grab the opportunities and other services these restaurants have. They are feasible companies with outstanding reviews from us and other experts across Chicago. Try to catch us up as we travel to another state for another unique culinary experience.

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