Can You Cook an Egg in a Mini Waffle Maker?

Yea, you can. Mini waffle makers have deep grates and could cook an egg waffle of 4” within a period of 5min or more if it has ingredients in extension to eggs. It could generate …

Can You Cook an Egg in a Mini Waffle Maker

Yea, you can. Mini waffle makers have deep grates and could cook an egg waffle of 4” within a period of 5min or more if it has ingredients in extension to eggs. It could generate power of 350 degrees Fahrenheit and above, depending on the product you buy.

The egg doesn’t have to mess up the grate of the waffle maker like most other options. Besides, what you’re to do to avoid that is spraying the waffle maker’s grate with cooking oil before pouring in the waffle batter and spraying the batter as it’s transforming into an egg waffle in the nonstick grate.

Unlike frypans, there’s basically no need to intermittently open the lid cover of the mini waffle maker to flip the egg waffle over with a spatula; the heat that a mini waffle maker produces will circumvent throughout the nooks and crannies of the fillable grate(s).

In addition, hinges and durable properties make a mini waffle maker as usable as other home-use cooking accessories. It’s usable as a Panini press, frypans, grill, etc.

In a nutshell, a mini waffle maker can cook an egg batter into a desirable treat. Most waffle makers have timers that make them usable for vast cooking options. Several people have been using it to prepare egg waffles, and you shouldn’t be an exemption either.

You see, a mini waffle maker might not have been your best suit for making your waffles, but it could be the best bet for your home. It’s compact and effortless to save. The size might not even be enticing, but it could be an ever-present help in an emergency. How?

The 4” size of waffle it would produce will be crispier and fluffier than what other alternatives may provide you. In fact, if you’re vast in the techniques of making an egg waffle, doubting the potential of a mini waffle maker is apparently possible, but it’s bound to shock you immensely.

Consequently, mini waffle makers don’t only make egg waffles but make waffles with great precision. Egg waffles are mixable with fruits and all sorts of additions. It’s these various tastes that egg waffles can zoom into that birthed multiple names that it’s being called across the US.

What is an Egg Waffle Called?

Egg waffles are named differently across the US as per where they are located. People that popularly call it egg waffles also call it egg puff and bubble waffle because of its dough-like size.

Professional chefs call it eggette, omelet, and egglets on food item diaries in restaurants and high tables. Besides, it’s also called Hong Kong cake in every single Chinatown across the States; over 50 of them are dispersed across the States.

Business owners are fond of calling it names that suit their interests. In fact, it’s assumed as one of the top snacks sold on the streets of the states. Nevertheless, other names for egg waffles are puffles, pancake balls, pancake waffles, etc. it all depends on the features of the waffle.

Are Egg Waffles Healthy?

Egg waffles are one main ingredient diets that supply basically protein and fat. Nutritionists stated that there is 14g of fat, carbs are 20g, protein is 3g, etc., in every egg waffle.

Meanwhile, 50mg cholesterol makes the ingestion of egg waffles not so advisable for everyone. Furthermore, for every egg waffle consumed, there are 400 calories.

Calories shouldn’t be mistaken for fats because all fat embodiments contain calories, but all calories don’t have to possess fats.

Professionals claim egg waffles are healthy when there is a watch to their consumption. Invariably, it’s eatable and very recommendable because of its carb and fat that could boost one’s energy. Obese folks are impugned to ingest 22 calories with respect to their body weight, i.e., a 100lb dieter can consume 2,200 calories to keep the weight in check.

Recipe: How Do You Make Eggs in a Mini Waffle Maker?


  • 2 ½ large eggs.
  • ½ tsp of baking powder.
  • 1 cup of almond milk.


  1. You’ll need a bowl, a mini waffle maker, a whisk, spraying oil, and a spatula to scoop the egg waffles when it’s done. Other equipment is jointly needed to combine the ingredients.
  2. Break the eggs and pour the liquid into the bowl. Whisk the eggs while you pour in the almond milk and the baking powder. Mix them through whisking and probably, shake them together.
  3. Preheat the mini waffle maker while you’re getting the egg batter ready. Plug its power pins into a power outlet and switch on the power to get the waffle maker’s grate preheated for a few minutes.
  4. Set the timer on the unit to 8min to get the egg cooked – you can check the manual of the unit to see how this is done. Spray the cooking oil on the grate after preheating it. Don’t waste time pouring the batter into the grate and close the lid of the mini waffle maker.
  5. Once the time elapses, open the lid cover to access the egg waffle. Use the spatula to check the doneness of the waffle. You can use the spatula to haul the food into your plate for an experience of another nice time.

Can You Cook an Egg in a Mini Waffle MakerFinal Words

We hope you’ve been able to clear your doubt that a mini waffle maker can make an egg waffle for you distinctly. There are no formalities to get this done. This could be done intuitively. Moreover, you can follow the instructions here to have an amazing result.

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