Can I Use a Waffle Maker as a Panini Press?

Yes, you can. It could make you a 4” sandwich of any type. Although the hinges on Panini presses are differently placed from what is on waffle makers, they share many properties in common. The …

Yes, you can. It could make you a 4” sandwich of any type. Although the hinges on Panini presses are differently placed from what is on waffle makers, they share many properties in common.

The medium-high heat of 350 degrees Fahrenheit is attainable on the two. Aside from that, the two are portable devices you can save in your pantry after use.

Their respective manners of use are almost the same. Though the plate(s) on waffle makers ought to be fraught, you can place the sandwich directly after spraying the cooking oil on the plate after preheating it.

There are no lids that clasp the cover like a Panini press on a waffle maker, but there’s no cause for alarm. You can devise multiple ways of manually clasping the waffle maker’s lid in the absence of hinges.

People use waffle makers for enormous things. Many preferably opt for it to preserve spaces in their pantries. They go for waffle makers because of their multipurpose design, which could literally cancel the need for some cooking accessories such as frypans, griddles, and, sometimes, Panini press.

Its irreplaceable properties to cook and bake edible desserts make it a versatile cooking accessory. In fact, just as it could make omelets, hash browns, cakes, and waffles impeccably, those fond of the Panini press’ significance would always want to know if waffle makers can serve as an alternative despite their empirical differences. Why?

Firstly, their hinges are placed differently, and, secondly, their entireties differ. One is recommended for making crispy sandwiches, while the other is for dishing waffles and pancakes.

Check out the point below if you have a minute idea of what the Panini press is primarily used for. This would teach you to use a waffle maker as a Panini press despite the limitations.

What is Panini Press Used For?

A prolific sandwich maker is a Panini press. Some folks even call it a sandwich manufacturer. Whatever you see it as you’re definitely right. It prepares sandwiches for an enjoyable climax.

It brings the restaurant experience into your abode. Provided the sandwich is perfectly prepped, you can cook and compress it until it unveils the hidden taste of ingredients with a Panini press.

There is an array of sandwiches out there that you can make with your press. It subtly cooks the veggies, beverages, and all sorts that the sandwich may consist of to unravel the original taste and make it safer for consumption. 

A Panini press could make seafood, chicken, egg, grilled cheese, ham, etc. Panini presses have timers that make them liable for cooking diverse sandwiches according to the amount of heat required. Plus, an adjustable mechanism makes compressing sandwiches of various sizes safe for the unit.

What Can You Use if You Don’t Have a Panini Press?

1. Waffle Maker:

A waffle maker is a potent sandwich maker that can be used in place of a Panini press. It has a top that can suppress the weight of the sandwich and keep it heated for the estimated time. It could supply heat that can circumvent every region. The grooves can distribute the heat at a degree of 350o Fahrenheit.

2. Oven Broiler: 

This is the part of the oven with racks. The heat convection circulates every part of the food and makes it cooked within 15min. The closest rack/tray at the top is expected to compress the dough or the sandwich, as the case may be. Nevertheless, users are often advised to keep the closest rack 5-6inch away from the broiler to prevent the food from burning.

3. Frypans: 

Ignite the stove and lay the frypan at the top. You’re to preheat its base before spraying your cooking oil. You’d need a heat-proof cover to compress the sandwich. Let the lid of the cover touch the sides of the pans. You might devise a strategy to denture the cover to the frypan. This is best used when one is making a single sandwich only.

4. Toaster: 

Like other alternatives, the difference between this and a Panini press is the limited option of sandwiches that this can prepare. It all depends on the type of machine, anyway. Prepare the sandwich and use the toaster as the manufacturer instructs you, and you’d be glad you did.

5. Grill: 

Fraught the grill pot with coals and ignite them. Allow the fire to spread from one coal to another before laying the grill at the top—Preheat the grill. Choose a grill plate without net so that the smoke won’t stain your sandwiches.

You can clean the grill plate before mounting it at the top. Position the sandwich at the top and use a lid cover to compress and shield the sandwiches. Flipping the sandwiches over may be necessary also.

How Do You Use a Waffle Maker as a Panini Press for Sandwiches?

There are several sandwiches out there that you can decide to prepare with a waffle maker. Nevertheless, you can always use the pepper & egg sandwich recipe to guide you through the exercises.


  1. 1 loaf of Italian bread.
  2. 2 pepper bells.
  3. 7 eggs.
  4. ½ tsp of grounded black pepper.
  5. 3 tsp of salted butter.
  6. Grated cheese.
  7. Sliced tomatoes or hot sauce.


  1. Plug the waffle maker’s power cord into a power outlet and preheat the plates before you begin the whole process.
  2. Cut the loaf of bread into slices or two. Break the shells of the eggs and pour the liquid inside them. Whisk it until the yoke mixes with the albumen. Cut the 2 pepper bells into slices and pour them into the egg alongside the black pepper.
  3. Slather the butter on the sliced bread and grated cheese. Pour the whisked egg in the middle and compress one end of the bread to another. Don’t forget to put the hot sauce to moisturize the sandwich.
  4. Set the timer of the waffle maker to 15min to get the whole pepper & egg sandwich ready for feasting.
  5. Use your hands to manually clasp the top lid to the base to compress the sandwich as Panini presses do.

Final Words

The article has been so enlightening. It has brought you the workable tips for using a waffle maker as a Panini press. The points it buttressed here indicate that you can use waffles to prepare sandwiches and get the same result as what a typical Panini press will give.

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