Can You Make Pancakes in a Waffle Maker?

Yea, you can use a waffle maker to prepare pancakes. The batters are the same in terms of appearance and requirements; just that waffle mixes are thicker than pancake mixes because of the density of …

Can You Make Pancakes in a Waffle Maker

Yea, you can use a waffle maker to prepare pancakes. The batters are the same in terms of appearance and requirements; just that waffle mixes are thicker than pancake mixes because of the density of what they constitute.

Waffle cooks faster than pancakes with a waffle maker, but a waffle maker can still make a great pancake. It has the features to circumvent the heat throughout every part of the cake evenly.

Prepare the waffle maker and get it preheated. Prepare the batter for the pancake and leave it for some time after stirring it to make it thickened after there are no more lumps. What you’re to do is read the manual that comes with the waffle maker to understand its function.

You can fill the plates of the waffle maker with the batter to get it baked. Preset the timer of the unit to 15 min to bake the pancakes. It should look crisp after adhering to these steps at the end of the exercise.

The intrigues in a cozy lifestyle start basically with getting what one needs at a time. As this affects daily routines, so likewise the life in the kitchen, and do you care to know how?

Let’s take the preparation of pancakes, for instance. Envisage how satisfying it is to get a bite of pancakes tinging through the jaws. The fluffiness and the journey of its taste know how to better poke the grail of unquenchable wants. However, these revelations only project and relapse when you prepare them rightly.

Of course, the griddle and the entire cooking means you use to prepare the pancake matter. Like waffles, pancakes require decent cooking means, i.e., one that would evenly distribute heat throughout every part of each pancake is often advisable.

Although frypans and griddle have always been the conventional cooking means, yet it’s tempting to inquire if a waffle maker can be used as an alternative to these accessories in making pancakes.

If that’s the case with you, you can be assured it will. Nonetheless, before you use a waffle maker to prepare pancakes, you’re to check out the points below beforehand.

Is Waffle & Pancake Mix the Same?

No! To be specific, the answer is 100% no. The two batters are mixed differently though the ingredients they consist of are bound to be the same most time.

The two use flour, liquid eggs, and butter as ingredients for the batter. Apparently, there is a difference in their outcomes after cooking them. The thickness and the taste are the apparent difference between the two’s outcomes when cooked.

Crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle, with appreciable tastes in waffles, give the observable difference while the comparison is solid and often found less thick.

Nevertheless, this is because waffle batters demand more amounts of ingredients during making as per the same amount of flour as pancakes. Of course, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t serve you a nice treat in their respective measures.

Difference between Pancake and Waffle Batter:

1. Thickness: 

Pancake mixes have a minute degree of ingredients compared to waffle batters, making them denser. In fact, it’s easier to convert a pancake batter to a waffle batter, but the reverse is more complex. More oil would have to be added, and a lot of butter and sugar to successfully convert the batter to a waffle batter.

2. Fluffiness: 

Despite pancake mixes being waterier and waffle mixes being thicker, waffle mixes have their inference more fluffy because of the enormous amount of eggs they constitute, which their comparison doesn’t. In other words, waffle batters consist of more calories than pancake mixes.

3. Caramelization: 

The aim of preparing waffles is to make them crispy and keep their shape crisp. Indeed, this is why you’d need to add enough sugar to waffle mixes. Pancakes don’t necessarily have to be crispy, so using as much sugar as waffle mixes require isn’t necessary.

Therefore, for flour of the same size on both sides, you’d have to double the measurement you use for waffle mixes compared to what you have for pancake batters.

4. Taste: 

The fact that waffle batters consist of more ingredients than pancake mixes makes the former tastier than the latter. Waffle batter doesn’t consume much time as pancake does. While it takes 5min to make a waffle, it could take 15min to bake a pancake.

5. Flexible Preparation: 

Pancake mixes have a limit of condiments that can go inside them. On the other hand, waffle batters entertain massive amounts compared to pancake mixes. For instance, mixing a notable amount of potato with flour could make you a potato pancake, and you can do the same with waffles.

However, you can cook thawed chicken with waffles, but you can’t try it with pancakes – it won’t be perfect as it would be with waffles.

Recipe: How To Make Pancakes in a Waffle Maker?


  • 1 cup of flour.
  • 1 tsp of sugar.
  • 2 tsp of baking powder.
  • Two eggs.
  • ½ tsp of salt and baking soda.
  • ½ tsp of butter.


  1. Prepare the waffle maker by cleaning it and plugging the electrical cord into a power outlet. Read the manual to know the function of each feature on the waffle maker.
  2. Pour the flour into the bowl while you break the egg, and use a whisk to beat the yokes until they turn liquid. You can add your sugar to the flour before pouring the whisked eggs. You can use your hand or a spatula to stir while you add the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Use your hand or the tip of the spatula to break the lumps.
  4. Switch on the power of the unit to preheat the waffle plates. Before proceeding to the next step, you are to preheat the plate(s) for three minutes and spray the cooking oil on the hot plate(s).
  5. You can add some water to the mixture in the bowl to reduce the cholesterol in the food content. Add water and break the lumps as you stir. It would be best to stop stirring whenever you notice no lump in the mixture.
  6. Leave the mixture for a few minutes to get it thickened. Once you’ve seen it’s thickened after some time, scoop some amount and bake by slathering a pound in the hot plates.
  7. Set the timer on the waffle maker to 15 min to get the batter baked.

Can You Make Pancakes in a Waffle MakerFinal Words

We hope you’ve learned how to bake pancakes with a waffle maker creatively. This article to the last sense, all you can fathom is the possibility that’s embedded in owning a waffle maker. You can see that you can use it to make a waffle and a pancake as you should. Some points enlighten individuals about waffle batter and pancake batter features.

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