Can You Make Funnel Cake in a Waffle Maker?

No one wants to buy a product that has obnoxious features. Trust me; it could be more devastating than you might have ever thought.  Before buying, a potential buyer must learn the prospects of a …

Can You Make Funnel Cake in a Waffle Maker

No one wants to buy a product that has obnoxious features. Trust me; it could be more devastating than you might have ever thought. 

Before buying, a potential buyer must learn the prospects of a gadget, especially cooking accessories such as a waffle maker. This discreet act will save you a lot of pain that many have fallen victim to in time past.

Though this act might be difficult or appear not so necessary at times, it’s logical. Every detail you attain could be hypothetical in scooping the ultimate idea. In fact, once you’ve learned about the elementary importance of owning a waffle maker, the premise could lead you to learn how to prepare a funnel cake, even as a novice.

Waffle makers can prepare funnel cakes because it can generate heat at temperature more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It isn’t every cooking accessory that can get it done; not as you might prefer it, at least, but you can rely on waffle makers.

Peradventure, you’re just browsing around and know next to nothing of what a funnel cake is all about, you’d have to read this to the end. Moreover, if you have ideas of magnificent desserts, like pancakes, that a waffle maker can prepare, then you’re almost there with what a funnel cake may appear like.

Nevertheless, we would like to draw the similitudes and the nuance discrepancies to initiate the mural of these foods in the walls of your mind. Check out the next phase to acknowledge what we’re talking about!

Is Pancake Batter the Same as Funnel Cake Batter?

In regards to their respective batters, though they may appear the same, they are different. This may surprise you, but it’s true. Funnel cake batters are thicker than pancake batter resort to after mixing.

During their preparations, more amount of water is required to make pancake batters than funnel cake mixes. In fact, there is a possibility to encounter hassles running funnel cake batter through the slim trough of the funnel, especially when you’re using a short size.

Besides, that’s a result of the much flour that funnels cake batters consist. In other words, funnel cake batters are richer in floury content than pancake batters.

Funnel cake batters often feature either baking powder or baking soda, which pancake batters don’t have. All these are substantial evidence that the two are different regardless of their outward similarities.

What Equipment Do You Need to Make Funnel Cakes?

The preparation of funnel cakes requires the availability of a waffle maker, which will be needed to heat the batter at a temperature of more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Funnel is another quintessential that you’d need to fraught the waffle maker’s grate so that it may look like a funnel cake. A whisk is also required to brew the sticky batter to its possible liquid state as it breaks the lumps.

Beyond these elementary requirements, you’d need to avail the ingredients enlisted on the recipe list and a bowl that’s ample deep to mix them all. Finally, you might need a plate to haul the dessert into when you’re done with the cooking.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have a Funnel for Funnel Cake?

Of course, there are practical options. You can use either your ladle or spoon to pour the batter in a spiral form into the waffle maker’s grate.

The diameter of the first attempt has to be wider across the perimeter of the grate than the rest of the batter spread around the phases as you pour in spiral form.

Also, use a water bottle in the absence of a funnel. Cut it right in any middle part and turn the orifice to the trough as it’s visible on the funnels.

Regardless of the size of the water bottle one uses, you’re to ensure you pour the batter into the unit’s grate in a rotary form so that it could look like a funnel cake at the end. You might get an adhesive glue to tape the pointed tip of a swirled plastic cup/plastic turned into a cone.

Use scissors to cut the pointed tip at the base and pass a straw into the aperture to allow the penetration of the fluid downward.

What is Funnel Cake Batter Made Of?

Funnel cake batters are primarily made of flour. You’re to mix milk, vanilla, cooking flavors, and the rest of your preferred extracts into the flour to have the exact taste you desire.

Nevertheless, you’re to follow every direction on the recipe card to have a distinct taste and want. Unlike what pancake mixes feature, funnel cakes consist of baking powder despite their similarities on the recipe card.

Baking powders will cause the cake to rise. The confection isn’t fluffy but thick and could generate hundreds of calories in one bite. It has more carbs and low fat in most cases, depending on the ingredients used to prepare the cake. In a nutshell, flour is the essential ingredient in funnel cake batter, and baking powder is added.

Recipe: How To Make Funnel Cake in a Waffle Maker?


  • 2 cups of sieved flour.
  • 1 tsp of baking powder.
  • 1 cup of canola oil.
  • 3 eggs.
  • ¾ cup of sugar.


  1. You’d need a mixing basin to add the ingredients. Pour the flour into the basin and break the egg shells into the flour. Use your hands to mix them.
  2. Plug the waffle maker’s power pin into a power outlet and get the waffle maker’s grate preheated. Preheat it to a temperature above 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Pour the canola oil into the heated grate. Add baking powder, milk, sugar, and water to the batter. Use your hand or a whisk to turn the batter until it becomes mixed up.
  4. Direct the trough into the sizzling oil and pour in the funnel cake mix through the funnel. You can use the whisk to keep brewing to enhance the fast passage of the fluid through the tunnel.
  5. Pour the funnel cake batter into a spiral form and ensure the oil covers the batter. The confection shouldn’t take more than 7min to come out crispy and crunchy.
  6. This recipe card can serve ten persons on the go. You’re to ensure that the steps are followed rightly.

Can You Make Funnel Cake in a Waffle MakerFinal Words

The points we highlighted here show that pancakes differ from funnel cakes in every iota of distinction. Aside from acknowledging that a waffle maker can prepare a funnel cake distinctly, we believe you’ve learned how to use a waffle maker to prepare funnel cakes here.

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